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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pictures of my French bulldog Jaq

Resting - really hot summer day in our town.
him.At the lake Bundek, he found some shade and decited to rest... So we just must to photograph him.

You can find more

Bulldog wallpapers .........

french bulldog puppy pictures

This is picture taken this summer (2006) my Frenchie
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On the ranch - my bulldog likes to run, and there is planty of space for run.

Bulldog collars
.....................French bulldog food

Today: 2 years old

Video- French bulldog and food

I must to record that moment - my French bulldog eat an apple (on this video) he like to eat many fruits and some vegetable. His favouir food - apples, bananas, peaches.... look

Friday, September 15, 2006

French bulldog video

This is our first video of Jaq in diving game. French Bulldog Jaq is a grat diver and swimmer, you can see his game (with rocks at Adriatic sea (island Krk)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

French bulldog pictures hollyday at Island Krk

French Bulldog

As you can see, he'S got nothing against the sun, sea or rocks.
He is a great diver (he can do it all day untill the water becomes to cold for him) he likes to swimm but only in shallow water.

French Bulldog is a great friend and home pet allso.
If you are thinking about dog who likes kids French Bulldog is great with them.

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French Bulldog picutres

French Bulldog pictures

French Bulldog pictures

I must say, every one who see us say that he is one of the most beautiful French bulldog they saw ever .

French Bulldog pictures - as many times as I'll have inspiration to write and shout (picutres) , you will see many French Bulldog
pictures - in Croatia.

French Bulldog

French bulldog breeding history

French Bulldog Breeding
Today he is 2 years old male Dog. His name is Jaq and he lives in Croatia in one beautiful family.
When we first brought As we brought them hope, he was little dog, scared, hungry and very sleepy.

French bulldog history

Nottigham lace workers brought them to France in the time of economic crisis. (that is one story)
french bulldog croatia
At 1896 they were shown in America for the first time.

In Croatia - we dont have thrue informations about the time when French bulldog came to Croatia neighter about firt French bulldog breeding.

French Bulldog breeding In Croatia

French Bulldog breeding in Croatia

As this is our first post, we must say some things about French bulldog.

Frenchies are very sweet and caring dogs. They can be great friend and loyal dog.

French bulldog find everything what you need to know about French bulldog breeding and we can hope someone will buy them to you...